UPMUNC 50 Celebrating 50 years of excellence University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference | November 10 - 13, 2016

Welcome to UPMUNC

A Letter from the Secretary-General

Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors, and Friends,

Kent Hutchison

It is a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you to the fiftieth annual University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference! Our Secretariat is looking forward to hosting this special anniversary year for our conference at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel from November 10th to November 13th, 2016. We are beyond ecstatic to have you!

As the University of Pennsylvania’s semi-centennial conference, UPMUNC 50 will build upon half a century of expertise, experimentation, and passion for Model United Nations development. In addition to its place as one of the largest collegiate symposiums in the world, UPMUNC prides itself on providing outstanding service and quality to every one of its 1,400 delegates from over 80 universities across the globe. While there are many choices available for college delegations, we cannot wait for the opportunity to distinguish UPMUNC as the best–and most enjoyable–Model UN experience on the circuit.

UPMUNC 50 offers a wide range of committees and topics for all types of participants, from newcomers on the circuit to the most seasoned delegates. UPMUNC 50 will host 5 large General Assembly (GA) Committees, 4 medium-sized Economic and Social Councils (ECOSOC), and 12 fast-paced Crisis Committees. Covering topics both contemporary and historical, authentic and fictional, the breadth and depth of the committees at UPMUNC are sure to please every member of your delegation. With a renewed emphasis on substantive and professional excellence, our 16-member Secretariat and trained Staff of 300+ are highly organized, supremely responsive, and driven to provide a top-quality committee experience.

Of course, there is much more to UPMUNC than what takes place in the committee rooms. Acclaimed throughout the college Model UN community for its extracurricular opportunities and social events, UPMUNC 50 will expand upon the legacy of its predecessors, featuring revamped activities for delegates of all ages each and every night of conference. On the extracurricular side, delegates are encouraged to meet the exceptional members of our Speaker Series, which will provide additional insight to the topics discussed in debate. And of course, UPMUNC would not be complete without its famous Delegate Fest–come celebrate 50 years of UPMUNC and 3 days of intensive debate at an event which truly separates UPMUNC from other conferences on the circuit.

UPMUNC 50 will be a celebration–not only of the students who have made it possible for half a century, but also the thousands of delegates who return year after year to enjoy a high quality committee experience and opportunities to interact with a wide spectrum of delegates from across the country and the world. If you have visited UPMUNC in the past, I am so excited to welcome you back. If you are considering UPMUNC for the first time, I cannot wait to demonstrate why UPMUNC is the conference for you.

On behalf of our entire Secretariat, I would like to thank you for your consideration of our conference. Here’s to an amazing weekend from start to finish!

Kent Hutchison and Madeline Su
Secretary-General and Director-General, UPMUNC 50