It can be both fun and challenging to prepare for a Model United Nations conference. After being assigned a committee and position, it becomes important for a delegate to find out answers to some key questions. What is the scope of my committee? What past international action has been taken? What has my country/character stated as a point of view? What bloc can I expect to find myself on? Our conscientious Chairs, Crisis Directors, and USGs work for months putting together a comprehensive background guide for you to begin answering some of these questions. What gets you noticed in debate, however, is the outside research that you've done to make yourself stand out as a knowledgeable, well-spoken delegate.

This page contains links to resources that you may find helpful in learning more about your debate topics and the nature of those issues. You can also find UPMUNC 52's Rules of Procedure, which will give you insight on what constitutes good parliamentary procedure at our conference. We hope that you find these resources rich in useful information. Good luck with your research, have fun developing your position, and if you have any questions, feel free to email your Chairs, Crisis Directors, USGs, or absolutely anybody else on Secretariat!

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Position Papers

All GA/ECOSOC delegates must submit a position paper. In the Position Papers, you should discuss your country/character/organization's opinions/views/perspectives with regards to the topics at hand. (Double delegations only need to submit one paper). Papers should give a brief description of the issue and how the delegation anticipates responding.

GA/ECOSOC Chairs will take Position Papers into account when deciding awards. Please submit your Position Paper via email to your Chair by the deadline (November 8th). The heading of the position paper itself should include your name, country, school, committee and the position name. Please utilize the links on this page as a starting point to begin crafting your papers.

Delegates should email their Position Papers directly to their USG. Contact information can be found on the committee pages.

Here is a link to an example position paper for one topic only.

Important Reading

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Other References

The News! Part of being a good delegate is an awareness of current affairs, as sometimes issues can arise just days before conference begins! We recommend that you every so often check the news by reading a newspaper, going on the internet, or flipping on your television.

The Library! Often times, information on the internet can be unreliable. To get a reliable source in print, your best bet is your local or university library, which is sure to carry a number of books on a wide-range of material. If you want to add detail and sophistication to your research, this is the way to go.

Again, if you have any questions or require any assistance in research, please contact any member of the UPMUNC Secretariat!