Conference Policies

Below are the conference policies that the Secretariat has established for UPMUNC 54. These will also be printed in the delegate handbook given to all delegates. Delegates are expected to know and adhere to all policies throughout the course of UPMUNC 54.


UPMUNC registration and delegation fees must be paid in full before a school will be provided with registration and conference materials(Country and Crisis requests will be unavailable until payment is made in full). At registration, each school will receive delegate guides, delegate badges, pens, folders, and placards.

Zero Tolerance Sexual Harassment

UPMUNC maintains a strict zero tolerance policy regarding sexual harassment of any nature. All cases of sexual harassment, whether involving a delegate or a staffer, will warrant immediate investigation and potential dismissal from conference. All conference staffers and delegates should approach anyone on the UPMUNC Secretariat concerning instances of sexual harassment. If a delegate would like to anonymously report about an instance of sexual harassment, he or she may fill out an anonymous feedback form in the specified feedback box at conference.


While UPMUNC values the learning experience of a Model United Nations Conference above all else, we do issue two types of awards at UPMUNC: Individual Delegate Awards and Delegation Awards.

Individual Delegate Awards (IDAs)

Best Delegate: One per committee
Outstanding Delegate: Variable
Honorable Mention: Variable
Verbal Commendation: Variable

The Individual Delegate Awards are judged and awarded by the Committee Chair (and Crisis Director). Awards are largely given out on the basis of the following criteria: adherence to national policy; cooperation with others; knowledge and use of Parliamentary Procedure; general conduct, including adherence to UPMUNC Rules; speaking, including both formal debate and caucusing; and written output, including Position Papers, Working Papers, Resolutions, press releases, communiqu├ęs. A delegate's performance in and out of committee, over the four days of the Conference, is taken into account.

Delegation Awards (DAs)

Best Large Delegation: Awarded to the Large Delegation that performs best at conference
Best Small Delegation: Awarded to the Small Delegation that performs best at conference
Outstanding Large Delegation: Awarded to the Large Delegation that performs second best at conference
Outstanding Small Delegation: Awarded to the Small Delegation that performs second best at conference

Upon further review of traditional awards metrics, UPMUNC 53 has decided to change the point values assigned to individual awards to more accurately reflect their values relative to each other. The changes are as follows:

Best Delegate: 5 points
Outstanding Delegate: 4 points
Honorable Mention: 3 points

As a Secretariat, we believe that the differences in point values should not be so great where Best Delegate is worth three times as much as an Honorable Mention, noting that awards decisions are extremely tough and that to be recognized itself is a great accomplishment.

We will continue to use these point values when calculating delegation awards as we have in the past. Delegation awards will be determined on a per capita basis. As always, in double delegations, each award will be recognized twice to calculate the outcome. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

Please note that general misconduct by even a single delegate during the Conference may prevent an entire delegation from receiving any awards.

Delegation Size

In determining delegation awards, we abide by the following policy:
Small Delegation: Between 6 and 15 delegates
Large Delegation: 16 delegates and upwards

Position Papers

UPMUNC aims to collaborate with the many academic programs that universities often have in place to align Model UN conferences with educational purposes. To that end, we encourage Position Paper submissions for our General Assembly and ECOSOC committees. While non-submission does not bar a delegate from an award, submission may be taken into account during final award deliberations.

Laptop Policies and Pre-Written Resolutions

A main goal of Model United Nations is to achieve consensus and formulate policy through debate. For this reason, UPMUNC does not permit the introduction of pre-written resolutions. Dais staffs have been trained to recognize resolutions written prior to conference and these will not be accepted. In order to prevent the introduction of pre-written resolutions and to encourage participation by all delegates, UPMUNC prohibits the use of laptop computers inside of the committee room, even during unmoderated caucus. Laptops, however, may be used outside of the committee room and maybe used to type working papers and resolutions. UPMUNC staff will also be available to type, print, and photocopy all approved resolutions.

Head Delegate and Faculty Advsior Meetings

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, the Secretary-General, the Director-General, and the Under-Secretaries-General will meet with Head Delegates and Faculty Advisors for a period of forty-five to sixty minutes. The first portion of these short meetings is mandatory; this portion will feature important handouts, announcements, reminders, and updates. The latter part of these meetings is optional but is an excellent opportunity for the Advisors and Head Delegates to voice any concerns, complaints, and compliments they (and/or their delegates) may have.

Head Delegate and Faculty Advisor Brunch

All Head Delegates and Faculty Advisors are cordially invited to join the Secretary-General and the Director-General for brunch. This is a great opportunity to get to know the organizers of UPMUNC 54! Please check our schedule for the time and location.

Identification Badges

Upon registration, each participant will receive a badge bearing his or her name, committee information, and school identification. Schools that did not submit online badge requests will be able to request badges upon arrival. Badges must be worn in committee, within the hotel as identification, and as entrance passes to conference activities. For security reasons, we cannot allow persons without badges to take part in any conference function.

ID Badge and Placard Replacement

If a delegate loses his or her badge, a replacement badge will be issued at the cost of $10. If a delegate loses his or her placard, the delegate(s) will be responsible for a $15 replacement charge. Badge and placard replacement requests can be made to your USG or outside of Freedom Ballroom.

Dress Code

Proper attire for UPMUNC 54 is standard Western business attire; men should wear jackets and ties with appropriate shirts and pants, while women should wear dresses, skirts, or slacks with appropriate blouses. No sports caps, athletic shoes, jeans, or shorts should be worn in committee. The UPMUNC staff is permitted to ask inappropriately dressed delegates to leave committee to change their attire.

Alcohol and Illegal Substances

Any UPMUNC participants discovered to be in the unlawful possession of narcotic drugs or alcohol, either in their rooms or elsewhere in the hotel, will be severely reprimanded by the proper authorities and hotel security. Hotel security will not only confiscate such contraband, but will evict the delegate's entire school from the hotel. All staff members will do their utmost to ensure that any violations of this policy are dealt with. All UPMUNC staff members are empowered to take possession of the alcohol of underage UPMUNC delegates and guests.

Safety and Security at UPMUNC

Although Philadelphia is a beautiful and historically rich city, it is nonetheless an urban community. Standard safety precautions should always be taken when travelling throughout the city: please travel in groups and exercise appropriate behavior at night. While in the hotel, it is imperative to maintain a high level of decorum and quiet. To this end, UPMUNC will conduct security watches on delegate floors and in elevators. UPMUNC security exists to compliment the hotel's security staff and to keep schools from being evicted from the premises. UPMUNC security staff are trained to be respectful of delegates at all times; we request that delegates reciprocate.

Head Delegate and Faculty Advisor Lounge

Our Head Delegate and Faculty Advisor Lounge will serve as a refreshments and relaxation area for Head Delegates and Faculty Advisors only during any part of conference. To enter the room, conference attendees must show the back of their badge which must have a sticker given by the UPMUNC secretariat upon the delegation's check-in.

Privacy Policy

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