United Nations Security Council

Committee Introduction

The year is 2035, and United Nations faces a change world with a range of issues including water security and crises, energy resources, increasing global population, and recent developments in robotic technology sparking radical societal change. It is up to the Security Council to maintain international peace and security by finding solutions to these most pressing issues of the coming decades.

Topic A:

The limited nature of our planet’s natural resources have nearly come to a head, with critical commodities such as fresh water and petroleum facing local shortages and massive price increases. In particular, the strong dependence of military technologies on the unparalleled energy density provided by fossil fuels has caused major international powers to drastically increase emergency petroleum reserves. Furthermore, the Earth’s population has reached an unsustainable proportion, with the latest estimates estimating that humanity has recently broken the 10 billion population mark. The agricultural demands created by humanity have placed unsustainable burdens on freshwater supplies worldwide, and water tables are at historically low levels.

Topic B:

In the context of resource shortages lies the promise and the threat of a new wave of industrial revolution, as progressions in artificial intelligence and robotic technology are threatening to replace blue collar jobs held by countless humans worldwide. This robotic revolution may have dire consequences when it comes to international economics, conflict, and unrest among the worldwide population. The United Nations Security Council is tasked with leading the international community forwards through these difficult times and towards a more sustainable future.

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