Third Committee: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural

Committee Introduction

Topic A: Reconstruction Following the Sri Lankan Civil War

The Sri Lankan civil began as a large injustice to the Tamil people prior to the 1950s and continued to be a primary issue throughout the war, which began throughout the 1980s. After decades of increasing ethnic tension, the war began as a low-level insurgency in July of 1983. In 2009, the Sri Lankan government declared victory over the Tamil Tigers, ended the civil war after 26 years of battle and humanitarian crimes. An estimated 80,000 to 100,000 individuals died during the progression of the war. Following the war, there now exists many Tamil-majority regions throughout India and South Asia.

Topic B: Freedom of Expression and Access to Media in Asia

Countries throughout Asia have undergone policy enactments to limit expression throughout East Asia. These restrictions include the enactment of press laws, suspension of newspapers, arrests of journalists, the levy of economic sanctions, and the moves to government ownership. The number of blocked sites, as documented by independent internet monitors, is on the rise in nearly every Southeast Asian nation, in part of a wider downturn in freedom of information across the region.

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