Third Committee: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural

Committee Introduction

The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Issues, the third committee of the United Nations General Assembly is tasked with discussing topics such as the advancement of women, the protection of children, indigenous issues and treatment of refugees among others. The committee also addresses issues such as crime prevention, criminal justice and international drug control.

Topic A: Illicit Trade

Illicit trade defines illegal goods & services threaten the integrity and safety of communities and society. As a multifaceted issue, it falls into various industries across the world, ranging from human exploitation to the illegal sale of human organs. Given technological advances and increased globalization, access to illicit items has increasingly become easier and more viable. How can countries and citizens mitigate illicit trade to ultimately overhaul its negative effects in countries?

Topic B: Global Self-sufficiency

Self-sufficiency is crucial within the developing and developed world. For this topic, self-sufficiency encompasses social, economic, and political factors that ultimately actualize individuals’ potentials throughout their communities. Creating solutions for this topics calls on innovation in micro-financing and long term longevity. Be sure to look at the Sustainable Development Goals for a broad sense of target areas. How can sustainability be met through the lens of self-sufficiency?

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