Colonizing Mars 2041

Committee Introduction

After unexpected hiccups in the SpaceX efforts during the 2020s, it is now 2041 and private companies SpaceX, Boeing, and independent start-ups have successfully established small communities on Mars, while the United States, China, and India (who has seen unprecedented growth in the last decade) have also reached the red planet. As a result, the U.N. has created the Mars Colony Council, a legislative representative body for the human colonies on Mars to draw out a plan for the future. Thus far, all human life exists in a 30 mile radius, but innovation in deep space infrastructure could see the potential for this colony to expand. Even more importantly, the colonization of Mars presents a new and emerging challenge to society: how do people own property, who governs, what rights will people have, etc? Delegates, you are shaping the future for a whole new world. None

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