Future Environmental Summit

Committee Introduction

This is dystopia. 2050 isn't the same as 2019 when the world was working to build a better future. Our society is plagued by war, the deficiency of natural resources, famine, and diseases. As a result, countries are separated and turning on each other in attempt to give their citizens a better life. Will nations be willing to settle their differences for the survival of the human race?

Topic A:

Water is scarce, and wars are happening as a result. When most of the world's water is gone, who will suffer the most? Will the countries with the most water share their bounty, or will they become isolationist and turn inwards? What will countries with less water be willing to sacrifice? Will innovation occur?

Topic B:

The second issue our committee will tackle is carbon dioxide pollution. Our world cannot go on with its increased pollution levels. Simple treaties are not enough. The biggest carbon dioxide emitters will need to take responsibility. But, will they be willing to do so? Or will countries who have historically emitted less pollutants, ignore the charge and continue emitting in defense of their national sovereignty?

If you have any questions about this committee, feel free to reach out to your Under-Secretary General Nikki Vereczkey at nvere@sas.upenn.edu

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