Economic Community of West African States

Committee Introduction

In recent years there has been significant changes in both the crime and economics of countries within Western Africa. ECWAS, a regional economic union of 15 states in the region with an estimated population of 349 million, was formed to prioritize collective prosperity through trade unions and peacekeeping. Can this region-- united geographically, culturally, and now economically-- create the necessary treaties to facilitate peace and prosperity?

Topic A: Tourism

In terms of tourism we will look at how nations can change their security as well as improve health resources to make the region more appealing to visitors. Tourism is a significant source of income for these states-- for example, making up 10% of Ghana’s GDP. However, from increased terrorism in the region due to both migration flows and successful recruitment strategies by major terrorist groups and the Ebola outbreak, tourists are now questioning the trip. The nations of Western Africa are looking to reassure tourists that travel to their countries is safe for both economic and political reasons.

Topic B: Piracy

Secondly, ECOWAS will work to fight piracy. The Gulf of Guinea has been the stage for many armed criminal enterprises who seek to rob oil from ships passing by. Logistically, many of the robberies occur on territorial waters versus high seas and thus become an issue for sovereign nations to settle versus higher international courts. The countries in this committee will have to put aside their differences to fight outside threats to the region’s prosperity.

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