Second Committee: Economic and Financial (EcoFin)

Committee Introduction

Topic A: Increasing Information Communication Technologies in Developing Countries

Information Communication and Increasing Information Communication Technologies have been one of the most growing industries throughout developing regions of the world. Today, there are more phones and internet services in developing countries than ever before, and thus, the debate would be more focused on how one could expand these technologies rather than the traditional debate of trying to get these technologies there in the first place. Almost all governments in developing countries have ongoing information systems projects working to the efficiency of administration and improvement of public sector services. ICTs directly affect and improve economic growth in developing countries around the world. On 23 December 2016 the United Nations General Assembly officially established the Technology Bank for Least Developed Countries. The UN General Assembly tasked the Technology Bank to strengthen the knowledge capacity of the world’s 47 least developed countries, foster development of their national and regional innovation ecosystems to attract outside technology and generate homegrown research and innovation.

Topic B: Diversifying African Commodity markets

Africa's economy has grown fast and steadily since 2000 and has shown striking resilience in the appearance of the global financial and economic crisis. However, as a result of this crisis, the continent's dependency on the exportation of natural resources was exposed. Economic growth across the continent is projected to fall to 1.6% this year, the lowest level in over two decades. Increasing agricultural productivity is central to transforming Sub-Saharan African economies. Resource Dependant countries are unable to design and implement public reforms that provide key frameworks for diversification.

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