Second Committee: Economic and Financial (EcoFin)

Committee Introduction

The Economic and Financial committee (ECOFIN) is the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly. It addresses issues relating to economic growth and development such as macroeconomic policies, financing for development and sustainable development to name a few. As such, we will be diving into the following topics:

Topic A: Regulation of Crytocurrency

Bitcoin is a new currency that eliminates the need for middle men. Bitcoin allows users to buy merchandise anonymously, leading to it quickly being adopted as the currency for buying drugs and other illicit items. While the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency remains up in the air, what is certain is that it dramatically decreases governments’ control over currency, and countries like Japan, China, and Australia have already begun contemplating regulations.

Topic B: Food Security in Developing Countries

This topic will relate to the supply of food and individual’s ability to access it. Possible avenues to explore are humanitarian via multi/unilateral aid and NGOs, a scientific agricultural approach via tech R&D and implementation, or an economic route via formal and informal insurance/debt instruments, and each of theses comes with significant and well-define pros and cons.

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