Big Baller Brand, Inc

Committee Introduction

The Big Baller Brand is the most disruptive actor to hit the sports business world in years. From Lavar’s antics to Lonzo’s stardom to Lamelo’s highlights to Gelo’s... uh... post moves, The Big Baller Brand has caught the eyes of people globally. This BBB Board of Director’s Committee will take place in the near future, after all brothers have made the NBA—the Brand is taking off, but Lavar isn’t satisfied. From competing with major brands on both sponsorship deals and sales, to maintaining relations with the NBA, while also investing in its Junior Basketball Association. It won’t be easy— delegates will not always agree and you’ll be crashing with titans of the industry. Good luck delegates!

If you have any questions about this committee, feel free to reach out to your Under-Secretary General Arjun Patel at

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