Apollo Board of Directors

Committee Introduction

Apollo, an alternative investment manager founded in 1990, has grown to become one of the investment industry’s heavyweights with $248.9 billion of assets under management. The company has investors across the world and across sectors including Public Pensions, Sovereign Wealth Funds, High Net Worth Individuals, University endowments, and it’s own General Partners. The firm led by Founder, CEO, and Chairman Leon Black pioneered some of the most interesting and profitable private equity deals of the 21st century like Hostess, ADT, and even beloved Chuck E. Cheese’s. With unprecedented amounts of “dry powder” in private equity and increasing transaction multiples, it will be the job of the Apollo Board of Directors to make sure that they and their LP’s keep making $money$.

If you have any questions about this committee, feel free to reach out to your Under-Secretary General Cristian Bernaschina at cbernasc@wharton.upenn.edu

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